About Us

We are Group of freelancers devoted to supply high quality and low-cost  web design solutions. Our main business point is outsourced solution producing  for end clients. “WEB assist” studio guarantees quality in all stages of software life cycle, from consulting in specifying the customer demands up to maintenance and support.

Creating a website has not to be costly and sophisticated process. Satisfying the needs of individuals and small companies is hard for large web design houses, because building a smaller-scale website rarely covers their overheads. And we are decently proficient to build a site that looks professional and functions properly for $200 at least. We will employ the latest web technologies and utilize the most up-to-date standards to implement a solution that is classy, handy, and secure.

The principal service we provide is web site design and development. The quality of our work can be seen by reviewing our portfolio pages and visiting the web sites introduced there. Our clients are companies and individuals from all over the world.

Details on pricing - what you pay depends on what you want - and our business approach to drawing you into every step of the way in the design and development of your web site, can be found in our pricing page. We believe in fair payments and timely actions by both parties. We are sure this approach is the most likely to make everyone involved happy with the end result. We strongly believe that we can be of service to you. Feel free to request an estimate and compare. And if you don't see the service you need listed here - contact us and ask us about it.


Also, you can look at implemented web site projects in Our Portfolio.